Scared of Change? Why Change Can be Scary

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Change happens to us so often throughout our lives, so why are we so scared of change?

Even if we know that the change is for our own good, we can still fail. Why do we do change so wrong?

Live an Ordinary Life

Many people choose to live their lives in a state of consistency and mediocrity. For them, it’s the safest way to live. Even if it’s not the most fulfilling.

There are some benefits to this, too. You can have an ordinary job with a lot of security. It might not pay much, but you’ve got it and it’s stable.

You can choose to live a standard, cookie-cutter lifestyle too. While it isn’t interesting, it’s safe and you know what to do. 

You can stay well within your comfort zone. You can resist taking new steps or new actions. And you can let fear stop you trying something new. And you can consider that change is not an option, for you.

Change is not an option

Change is Not an Option

If you choose to live like this, you might be afraid of change. Many people don’t like dealing with change.

It interrupts their flow of life, and it can often have negative connotations.  When many people think of change, they imagine everything they know being flipped around, and having to suddenly adapt to things they don’t like.

Others might think that change just isn’t a viable option for them. Because you have no idea what they outcome will be. So you feel it is just too big a risk.  

Change Changes Everything

Either way, you need to get out of this mentality. Change doesn’t always have to be for the worst.

There are so many positive changes that you can make in your life that don’t involve some dramatic shift and having to adapt. 

Changes can be gradual, and they’re more often positive than they are negative. If nothing else, it just mixes things up a bit, to break up the monotony of life.

Living the average life is boring, and after many years, you’ll probably end up feeling unfulfilled. You will become unhappy.  

It’s Never too Late to Change

Many people think that they can’t make changes after a certain point in time, when in reality, they have so much time to change course.

If they’ve been in a career for a decade or two, they don’t think that they can change that all of a sudden, because all they’ve known for the past 15 or so years is that career. 

It's Never too Late to Change

Really, you can change jobs whenever you feel like it. It’s never too late to get a quick degree, even online, in something that truly interests you. People go back and redo their education all the time, and it’s a great option if you’re feeling unfulfilled with your current job. 

OK is Not OK

Never accept floating around in the midst of mediocrity. You are better than that.

You can’t become content with just living an “OK” life. You should want to strive for success and the highest personal satisfaction

Doing the same boring, overly safe things every day isn’t going to get you anywhere.

You need to take some risks in order to become successful, and that’s going to require change.  So stop procrastinating and start looking at how you can deal with change better. 

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Useful Resources if You Feel Scared of Change

First of all remember that everyone feels scared of change at some point. Even good change. So just be patient with yourself and try to resolve why you feel scared of change.

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