How to Deal With Disappointment in Yourself

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Why do we deal with disappointment so badly? We all have pictures in our heads of how our lives are going to be. When things don’t go to plan, we are doubly disappointed.

Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed by our disappointment that it feels like the end of the world. But it isn’t. If you learn how to deal with disappointment in yourself, you will reduce these ‘end of the world’ feelings.

Unrealistic Aspirations

Lives often don’t turn out the way that everyone intends them to. We often need to deal with disappointment on a daily basis. People imagine themselves in some extremely unlikely scenario, in which they’re wildly successful. Normally based off a stroke of luck or something else that’s unlikely to happen.  

So when they actually start living their lives, they’re often disappointed by what it’s become. Not necessarily because they’re not hugely successful, but because they’re just mediocre. And they feel as though life is droning on. 

They are sad that they don’t have the lottery win, the car, the handsome billionaire husband that was unlikely to happen anyway. Trying to deal with disappointment from a dream not coming true seems real. As real as having to deal with disappointment from a sad, real life event.

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Take Stock of Where You Actually Are in Life

Many feel lost when they reach this point. But there’s a good general plan of action that anyone could take to help improve their life. The best thing you can do when you start to feel as though your daily existence has become disappointing, is to take stock of what’s going wrong in your life.  

It’s impossible to fix the problems you’re facing with some vague solutions. You need to be able to address the specific issues you’re having head on. To do that, you have to know what’s causing your lack of enthusiasm in life. 

There are so many factors that can go into one’s life that might make it seem unfulfilling. It could be just about anything. From jobs to relationships. You need to look into every aspect of your life and see if it’s fulfilling for you or not.  

What is The Problem?

What do you do when you find that something is contributing to your negative outlook on life? Make a mental note of it so that you can address it later on down the line, if not immediately. It is a sad fact of life that avoiding problems will not actually make them go away.

For example, you should really analyse your job and see how it’s going for you.  

You might be working in a field that you don’t really care for, in a job that only pays you a moderate amount. It’s safe, sure, but it really drains you going there day after day. It’s difficult to want to go to a job each day that you don’t enjoy.  

It might be a problem with your boss, with your coworkers, or with the job at its core. Either way, you can identify that your job might be one of the causes of your disappointment.  

Deal With Disappointment Then Move On

Another major cause of disappointment you might face in life is not having done certain things. Everyone likes to have goals to accomplish. Whether it’s big or small. Once you reach an age where you feel like you can’t do it anymore, you feel like that chance is lost. 

So how do you deal with disappointment like this? Don’t lose hope in these situations. It’s not going to do you any good to accept something that doesn’t have to be inevitable. Recognise that you still have a desire to reach that goal and then implement a plan to go for it. 

Deal With Disappointment Then Move On

Try and get some perspective. Is it really as crushing as you think? How would an outsider view it. Or how will you look back on things in 10 years.

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Gain Some Perspective

Remember when you were a teenager or in your twenties? Things seemed really life or death. You look back ten years later and realise how insignificant these issues actually were. The same will be true in ten years from now.

Just accept that you are going to feel sad. Deal with disappointment from the situation. Learn from it. Grow as a person. Move on.

Then try to deal with disappointment better next time!

What are your tips for dealing with disappointment? Let us know in the comments.


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