You are working hard to create great content. This means you need to write a good headline for all those blog posts. This is not always easy to do.

Write a Good Headline to Help with Your SEO

The best way to create content is to start with a good SEO optimized headline. If you can learn how to write a good headline, this will help you in two ways. The main reason is that the headline informs your reader what your post is about. But it can also stop you going off track when you write your post.

Some people like to create their headline after they have written their post. I find it easier to write a good headline first, then i don’t stray off topic. Which I have a tendency to do.

But, first you need to know how to write a good headline that is fully optimized for SEO. Let’s go over it.

Know Your Keyword or Keyword Phrases First

Before you even start to write a good headline, you need to know the keyword you want the content to rank for.

Put that keyword or phrase in your headline and move the word around so that you can figure out the best place for it.

Keep in mind keywords are best in the first few words of the headline but that isn’t a rule that can’t be broken. As you notice in the examples below, sometimes the keywords come last but really focus the meaning of the sentence.

As will all things to do with SEO, don’t be too worried by this rule. Remember that you are writing for people first. There is a school of thought that you don’t even need to put your keyword in the title. You should just worry about making it attractive to readers. I do tend to put my keyword phrase into my headline, but I don’t worry where it comes in the headline.

Use Numbers in Your Headline

Studies show that people like numbers being used in titles. It can be a number to show how many ways, a number that shows a percentage, a number that shows how many influencers and so forth.

10 Healthy Raw Food Tips

10 Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

10 Raw Food Banana Recipes You’ll Love

Numbers are popular because they quantify something. They are an absolute. You know what to expect when you click to read the article.

Write a Good Headline By Using a Formula

There are some formulas that work very well for headlines. However, be aware that these formulas can wear off if they’re used too often without delivering results.

How many times have you clicked through “breaking” news to find out it was from two years ago? When you know your subject simply add these to the title in some way.

  • How to … that …
  • The secret to … that …
  • How to … without …
  • Do something like someone
  • What you need to know about …

And there are many more.

  • How to Write Headlines That Compel Your Audience to Click
  • The Secret to Headlines that Get Clicks
  • How to Lose Weight Without Hunger
  • Write Clickable Headlines Like Seth Godin
  • What You Need to Know About Writing Clickable Headlines

Keep it Shorter than 69 Characters

You want the whole headline to show up in search results. But, if you use too many words in the URL or the title, it might cut it off strangely.

One way to check is to use a plugin if you use WordPress like Yoast SEO to help you create your meta description better. That way you can see what shows up and adjust as necessary before you publish.

Choose Your Adjectives Wisely

Adding adjectives to your headlines can help get people thinking about your topic and being more curious. But it’s important to use them wisely and don’t overuse them either.

If you use a headline like Surprising Ways to Create Clickable Headlines but nothing inside is surprising, then you’ve used the wrong adjective. If you say you are going to be surprising, then be surprising!

Don’t Use Clickbait

We’re all familiar with clickbait. This is when the headline is disingenuous about what’s inside the content. It might even tell you the opposite of what’s in the content. It may even use the wrong names, the wrong information completely, yet people will click it because it seems interesting.

But, if you train your audience that you’re not honest by using clickbait you’ll really regret it. Better to avoid using clickbait titles completely. If you want the title to make the article sound interesting, then write the interesting article.

Pretty Up the URL

Your title and your URL will be the same unless you manually fix it in self-hosted WordPress. The best thing to do is to use only the keywords in the URL instead of the whole long title. That way the URL looks attractive and gives some information to the search engines as well as your users as to the topic that will be discussed.


Learn how to write a good headline to help with your SEO. This will also help keep you on topic if you write the title first.

Make sure that you know your keyword first. That way, you can create your title around your keyword. Don’t be too rigid with this though. Worry more about making it attractive to readers.

People like headlines with numbers in them so try to use numbers in your headline. Don’t overdo it though. 100% of people get bored when every headline has a number in it.

Make sure you headline is less than 69 characters or it may be cutoff in it’s prime. You want the whole headline to show up in search results.

Avoid using clickbait titles completely. Make sure that your headline is true to what is in the article. Be surprising, or astonishing, or the best, or whatever else you promised you would be.

Change your URL. Try to use only the keywords in the URL instead of the whole long title. That way the URL looks attractive and gives some information to the search engines as well as your readers on the topic that will be discussed.

The headline and title are so important because without a good title or headline no one is going to open your emails, click through to read your articles or answer questions that you ask. A good headline leaves no mistakes about what’s inside or how far it goes to help the people with that topic.